WhatsUp Gold is the Ipswitch network monitoring software solution able to monitor and manage the IT complexity from networking device, traffic applications, and Cloud services.

We are Ipswitch Silver Partner for the WhatsUp Gold solution. 

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with whatsup gold you cAN DO

automatic network mapping & reporting 

Find out automatically your infrastructure by seeing your network devices, server, cloud and wireless. Through the multi level map, all connections between devices are visible. By clicking on the single device, the platform provides monitoring reports, exported in different formats, that than can be shared with your team.

Network Monitoring & Alerting

Thanks to the customizable dashboard it’s possible to have the immediate status of your IT infrastructure.By monitoring the network performance and the alert configuration (throughout email, SMS and web) according to your specific needs, so you can be informed on time.

Network Traffic Analysis

Thanks to the statistics provided by the analysis of the data network traffic you can evaluate the network usage by having a clear and centralized vision of your data.The network traffic analysis reports help to evaluate the network use and to have a centralized view of the traffic data.

Application Monitoring

PYou can measure the application's performance, from SharePoint or SQL, with a particular sensor and facilitate the troubleshooting to you IT team.

Configuration Management

With the script creation you can automate the process of backing up configurations for network devices, by scheduling a systematic backup followed by the identified change.

Virtual Environment Monitoring

LThe virtual monitoring component collects the performance of the statistics for the host server and guest, by mapping the virtual environment and centralizing logs from the Hyper-V/VMware infrastructure.  

cloud Monitoring

WhatsUp Gold can recognize the cloud resource usage and provide reports and alerts to every metric your cloud service provides. It allows saving data for several years, something unusual with the normal deadlines (usually 60 or 90-days) of most cloud providers. Thanks to the Meraki cloud integration, WhatsUp Gold 2018 allows the cloud monitoring of Meraki wireless network.



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