achieve the best from your crm


Dynamics is the customer relationship management software that helps you work in an intuitive, effective and productive way.

With Dynamics you can simplify the business processes, connecting customer data to the marketing and sales activities to improve productivity and customer service.


Makes more efficient marketing actions implemented thanks to:

• all information available and viewable in one place

• flexible target segmentation to simplify marketing operations

• set up of customized messages to the customer

• marketing campaign management with dynamic lists

• buying process analysis to understand customer’s needs and to communicate in the right time and trough favourite channels

sales boosted

It allows the sales increase through these functionalities:

• leads identification and related management opportunity to facilitate the sales team

• simplify the sales process from the first contact to the contract signed

• gain an end-to-end vision of the customer

• data ready to use always and by any device

better customer service

Improve the customer service with:

• its automatic activation and case management based on customer requests

• it shares information within the customer service team

• it improves a powerful relationship thanks to faster answers


•   intuitive and familiar interface

• sales optimization through the marketing and sales functions alignment

• immediate access to always updated information thanks to the client's data centralized locally or in cloud

  • native integration with other Microsoft products such as Outlook, Office 365, Windows Server, Exchange Server, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Power BI, and PowerApps

• it's scalable on its architecture

why choose dynamics

•    it's easy to use and to configure

•    it integrates with the full array of Microsoft products

•    it has the potentials to follow the business grow

•    its environment is verticalized by any sector needs




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